Fallout 76 Is A Dumpster Fire

My condolences to anyone who thought Fallout 76 had a chance to be good.  My interest in the new Fallout title died as soon as Bethesda announced that this game will be an always online multiplayer experience.  The kind that has oversaturated the market in recent years.  Bethesda has always been committed to single player games.  Any divergence from the status quo always ends up fucked.  This was an experiment gone horribly wrong.  Red flags should have been raised when Bethesda announced an significant day-one patch and to expect glitches.  Maybe instead of a massive patch how about finishing the game?  Holy shit, Bethesda must be one of the laziest publishers out there.  Why bother making a properly optimized game when PC users can just fix it after launch?  Fallout 76 was outdated before it even released.  The engine looks about a decade old.  The game has plenty of bugs, like constant crashing and other typical bugs in a Bethesda game.  Even Sega would shake their heads at it.  They included the V.A.T.S system for no plausible reason.  It makes no sense in an online game since time will not slow down.  Fallout 76 feels like an asset flip of Fallout 4, but way shittier.  The greatest offense Fallout 76 commits is being excruciatingly boring.  It couldn’t even be funny bad.  Just boringly bad.  I fear what will become of The Elder Scrolls VIFallout 76 can go die in nuclear fire.

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  1. Every time I hear “always online” I’m ready to get out the sick bag. It happened with the new SimCity, which was a total disaster, and now Bethesda has made the same mistake. More and more I feel like the real future of gaming lies not with the AAA developers but with the indie ones.

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