Get Ready For Detective Pikachu!

Well, it looks like Detective Pikachu is a real thing and not just some mass hallucination we all had.  I was quite skeptical at the idea and disappointed by the lack of Danny Devito as Pikachu (in a Pikachu costume no less).  Video games have had a rather, uh, rocky history with Hollywood adaptations, to put it generously.  Many are blatant cash grabs with little to no regard to source material.  Hollywood doesn’t give a fuck about video games, they just see a potential audience.  The best received video game film is Mortal Combat with a Metacritic score of 58.  As you can see, the bar is set low.  Below this bar are many, many abominations that hell itself would turn away.    But, hey, I can’t let past history prevent me from giving new experiences a chance.

Warner Bros. dropped the trailer on Sunday to considerable fanfare from the interwebs.  One of the first things that caught my eye was the designs of the Pokémon.  There was clear love and care put into the designs, as if the people working on it care about the franchise.  That’s because one of the artists for the movie gained a following by drawing realistic versions of Pokémon.  They stand right on the border of creepy and cool.  It works with the tone of the trailer.  Except for Mr. Mime, holy shit that thing is fucking terrifying.  Eww, get that thing away from me!  I like the idea of following a failed trainer who’s given up on his dream.  One other thing that stuck out was the feel of the film.  Its not taking itself too seriously while still respecting the franchise.  Ryan Reynolds has fully embraced the roll as Detective Pikachu.  He easily could’ve phoned it in for a paycheck.  Thankfully, he doesn’t seem the type to do that.

mr mime creepy

How is it possible we’ve made it until 2019 without a live action Pokémon movie.  Nintendo may have been scared ever since that ghastly Super Mario Bros movie.  Detective Pikachu is an easier adaptation for a Hollywood film than main series games and anime.  It seems like a fun adventure.  Talented people are working on-screen and behind the scenes.  Monsters vs. Aliens director Rob Letterman will be sitting in the director’s chair for this one.  One of the writers, Nicole Perlman, also wrote for Guardians of the Galaxy.  So there is reason to be optimistic about the finished product.  Its in good hands, though that doesn’t guarantee it will be good.  We can only wait and see until the film finally drops in Spring 2019.

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