We Shall Overcome Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a hard game, that’s what all the memes say.   They aren’t wrong but there’s more to Dark Souls than just being a difficult game.  The Souls franchise may be hard, but rarely is it unfair.  Don’t be turned off by what the memes would say.  Anyone can beat Dark Souls, even if you lack the skills and reflexes.  Nothing is impossible.  All enemies in the game can kill you easily if underestimate them.  Nothing will be too difficult if you’re prepared.  Going into battle with the right strategy can make up for a lack of reflexes/skills.  You can always ask for help from fellow players.  The online component of the Souls series creates a community willing to help novice players.  The message of the series is that all challenges can be overcome if you put in the preparation and asking for help.  You can take that approach IRL.  Friendship, effort, victory.

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