EA Refuses to Remove Loot Boxes in Belgium

Oh EA, you really don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of you.  Earlier this year, the Belgian government ruled that paid loot boxes are a form of gambling, meaning they are subject to the country’s gambling laws.  Other AAA publishers have begrudgingly accepted the ruling and disabled loot boxes in Belgium.  Not EA.  They decided to take a stand to fight for our right to be exploited by them (Beastie Boys song starts playing).  The Belgian government may begin a criminal investigation into much maligned publisher.  I have to agree with the Belgian government, loot boxes are gambling.  You pay money for a game of chance to win prizes.  Sounds an awful lot like gambling to me.  How childish of EA.  They’ve decided to go kicking and screaming, like a tantrum throwing child.  I really hope EA gets slaughtered in Belgian court.  You would think that a company that faced severe backlash for loot boxes would doing all it can to save face.  But no, they can’t get out of their own way.

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