Steam Surprises: Monster Shooter

Steam Surprises will be a new ongoing series of posts in which I explore Steam’s new releases completely blind and report my findings.  I will probably regret this decision immediately.  Steam Direct has made it nearly impossible to find good indie games due to over-saturation of awful games.  Picking a game at random will most likely end poorly.  I closed my eyes and clicked on the first thing I saw and that games was Monster shooter.  And yes, that’s how the title looks on its Steam page.  The lack of proper capitalization was an immediate red flag.  So I loaded the game was greeted with the Unity splash logo.  Oh boy, here we go.  Seeing that splash logo means that the game was made with the free version of Unity.  The title screen pops and has no title.  After clicking play, I am brought to a barren desert in some mech like thing.  The first thing I noticed was that i couldn’t move at all.  Couldn’t move, jump, or aim.  All I could do was shoot.  I hit every button I possibly could.  Still nothing.  Then the monsters came, generic and low polygon monsters.  Ah, the sweet embrace of death.


Clearly this game was just an asset flip.  No effort was put into it.  They couldn’t even bother to program basic controls.  Refund time!  Why is shit like this being sold?  Looking into the developer, they have released seven games in less than three months.  Yep, all asset flips.  And they’re Russian, they always are.  Russia is even ruining our video games.  They also don’t seem to understand anything about properly capitalized titles.  Maybe I should rethink this whole Steam Surprises thing.

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