That Whole IGN Editor Plagiarism Thing

Last week IGN was at the center of a plagiarism shit storm like we’ve never seen.  IGN editor Filip Muicin posted a video review of Dead Cells that was copied nearly word for word, with only a few minor differences, Boomstick Gaming’s review of the same game.  Boomstick Gaming posted a video of a side by side comparison of his and Muicin’s videos.  There’s no possible way this was accidental.  IGN investigated it and decided to let go Mr. Muicin.  Kotaku later revealed even more plagiarism.  Muicin lifted a significant amount of content from Nintendo Life’s FIFA 18 review.  Muicin attempted damage control by posting an “apology” video on his YouTube channel.  Not only did he not take responsibility for his actions, never once addressing Boomstick, he dared Kotaku to find more instances of plagiarism.  Spoiler alert; they found more.  Even more instances of plagiarism can be found on his own channel before joining IGN.  He lifted words from Engadget’s review of Metroid: Samus Returns, Polygon’s review of Bayonetta 2, NeoGAF posts, Wikipedia articles, and an Octopath Traveler article he ripped from another fellow IGN contributor.  Everything Muicin has written for IGN has been removed and replaced with a notice that all his articles are under review.

dead cells

Oh man, where to even begin with this.  Plagiarism is about the worst possible thing you can do in this field.  The wrongness of plagiarism is drilled in our head early on in school.  Never take credit for someone else’s work.  Copying someone else’s ideas and words is intellectual theft.  Filip Muicin maliciously abused his position of editor to get away with so much of this bullshit.  How lazy do you have to be to plagiarize Wikipedia?  How could you think you wouldn’t get caught doing this at one of the most recognizable names in games media?  I’m surprised that it took this long for him to be caught.  He’s been there nearly a year, and no one seemed to notice.  His “apology” might be more offensive than the actual plagiarism.  He never admitted wrong doing, proceeded to deny any of it was intentional, and guaranteed that no one would find more instances. You must be incredibly stupid to challenge the internet to show more instances of plagiarism, despite knowing you’ve done this many time.  That’s just straight up arrogance.

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Its easy to place blame on IGN for this but all responsible squarely lies with Muicin.  IGN hired him as an editor to do just that, be an editor.  Part of that is making sure everyone is following the proper guidelines.  Since he’s an editor, there was far less oversight on his work compared to other contributors.  IGN has done everything it can to rectify the situation, removing all his work.

I just can’t put my head around why he would do this.  We all write and make videos about video games because it’s something we’re passionate about.  Don’t you have any pride whatsoever?  I can’t imagine posting something that wasn’t my own words.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.  Any type of content creator should be offended by what this guy did.  Many of us are struggling to make a career out of this, yet here you are stealing other’s work without a second thought.  None of this makes sense.  Games journalism isn’t exactly a high-end job.  A person gets into games journalism and reviews because of passion.  Its what we love to do.  If you have no passion or pride, why get into this field?  Don’t even bother.

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