5 Games in Need of Remakes or Remasters

The video game industry loves to resell us games we already bought.  This console generation began with a batch of remastered games and the trend still continues.  Despite the dearth or remasters and remakes, there are still several games in need of the treatment.  Here are the five games I believe could use a remaster or remake.

Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey is a JRPG that was released back in 2007 as an Xbox 360 exclusive.  The game had legendary Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and composer Nobuo Uematsu.  Many Final Fantasy fans were excited for this title.  Some would argue it was the last great Final Fantasy game.  While it was met with mostly positive reception, detractors would see the traditional gameplay as a negative.  This was at a time when turn-based JRPGs were suddenly frowned upon.  They were wrongly viewed as antiquated mechanics.  I do not own an Xbox console, so I missed out on this gem.  Microsoft holds the rights to Lost Odyssey, meaning it can only be exclusive to Xbox One or Windows.  Yeah, its backwards compatible with Xbox One, but I don’t want to waste money on a console I only want one game for.

Super Mario Sunshine

mario sunshine.jpg

This seems like an obvious choice and it’s a shame Nintendo doesn’t seem to think so.  Nostalgic attachment is strong with this one.  Super Mario Sunshine was an incredibly beautiful game for 2002.  The tropical setting lent itself well to creating gorgeous visuals.  Just imagine how breathtaking a complete remake would look?  My mouth waters just picturing it in my head.  Sunshine was a good game but had many noticeable flaws in the game’s design.  Why were there so many red coin missions?  There were to many repetitive tasks that held it back.  It was also restrictive in terms of exploration, closing off entire areas depending on episode selection.  A remake could fix many of these design flaws.  Also, who wouldn’t want to play Sunshine on the Switch?  Please, Nintendo, make it happen.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

pokemon dp

Pokémon fans have been speculating for years about the possibility of Sinnoh remakes.  Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have been tight lipped about it.  I think it will eventually happen but not when we expect it, since this is Nintendo we’re talking about.  Diamond and Pearl were released on the DS back in 2007.  I loved the games despite its somewhat slow pace compared to most other main series games.  HMs made certain sections of the game a slog.  The game had performance issues, such as saving times and sprite animations.  A remake could fix many of these problems.  A snow covered Sinnoh in HD would be spectacular.  I would prefer this over yet another remake of Red and Blue.  Hey, Game Freak, not all of us Pokémon fans are Genwunners.  Give some love to the other generations.

Parasite Eve 1+2

parasite eve.png

Parasite Eve is a strange sci-fi action game with RPG elements.  Developed by Squaresoft and released on PlayStation back in 1998.  The game follows the exploits of rookie NYPD officer Ayea Brea, as she develops a bizarre power and pursues the titular Eve. Parasite Eve would not be out of place in today’s horror friendly market.  The game itself has antiquated controls and graphics.  Parasite Eve and its sequel would be bundled together.   It’s a forgotten PS1 classic that Square-Enix seems to have also forgotten about.

Persona 3

persona 3 characters

I have become a huge Persona fan since buying a Vita back in 2015.  Persona 4 Golden immediately captured my heart. The level immersion was something I hadn’t experienced with a game at the time.  Persona 5 came out and I loved it even more than 4.  Next thing I know, there’s several Persona figures on my shelves.  Rise-chan is proudly displayed for all to see.  I have yet to play Persona 3, though I do own the FES version.  P3 could really use the Golden treatment.  As a Persona fan, I should go back and play the game that established the modern Persona gameplay style.

And those were the games that I feel need a remake or remaster.  What games would you love to see remade or remastered?

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