Xbox One Is Worthless

There’s no way to sugar coat this, the Xbox One is worthless.  There is no reason to go out and buy it other than you just want to.  Think about it.  What rational reason would anyone buy an Xbox One, other than brand loyalty.  When you line it up against the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, it offers little value.  The PlayStation 4 has a user-friendly interface and a diverse selection of games while the Nintendo Switch offers portability and well, Nintendo games.  Nothing Microsoft offers can compete with that kind of value.  None of the Xbox One’s features is worth investing money into.  Microsoft seems to forget that it’s a platform holder.  The problem is they don’t seem all that interested in selling consoles.  This was apparent from the launch, which was plagued with many anti-consumer practices.  They are far more interested in selling Windows 10 operating systems.  Xbox One exclusives are a myth.  They trot out the same, tired titles at every E3, none of which seem to be system sellers.

Microsoft Doesn’t Behave Like A Platform Holder


Microsoft behaves more like a publisher than a platform holder.  A platform holder is supposed to be interested in selling consoles.  The Xbox One suffered from an awful launch.  The always online DRM was blatantly anti-consumer.  It was an arrogant attempt to control the consumer.  They urged how important it was for the Xbox One to function, until it was patched out.  Turns out Microsoft lies a lot.  Then there’s the games they decided to launch with, which were littered with microtransactions and day one DLC.  Forza 5, Killer Instinct, and Ryse: Son of Rome all were full of that bullshit.  These are things publishers do, not platform holders.  Imagine if Sony did that to God of War or Nintendo to Super Mario Odyssey.  These are games designed to sell systems.  Profits from the game themselves are not important.  Its to get people to buy PS4s or Switches.  Microsoft seems to not think like that.  Its short-sighted thinking, only caring about short term, immediate profits.  Microsoft not only acts like a publisher, they also are only looking at the Xbox One to sell operating systems.  Clearly, it was designed with Windows 8 in mind, and later Windows 10.  No one liked Windows 8 and people are iffy on Windows 10.  This led to another problem, it made owning an Xbox One redundant.

Xbox One Exclusives Are A Myth

gears of war

With the implementation of Windows operating systems, the Xbox One exclusive became a myth.  Any Xbox One game can be played on any PC with Windows 10 installed on it.  I do commend them for one of the few pro-consumer things they’ve done.  But, that sort of makes the physical console worthless.  If your PC has Windows 10, there’s no reason to purchase the console.  You can play Gears of War or Halo on PC.  An Xbox One is totally redundant to own.  I can’t play Horizon Zero Dawn or Breath of the Wild on any other platform other than PlayStation 4 and Switch.  Sony and Nintendo give us a reason to buy their consoles.  There’s actual value in it.

No Console Sellers


Another problem facing the Xbox One is the games themselves.  None of them seem to be console sellers.  They trot out the same games ever year.  Another Gears of War and another Forza.  By the way we’re putting microtransactions in them because give us more money.  Rare is basically a zombie at this point.  They may still have the Rare name, but that’s about it.  All the people who made Rare great in the 90s are gone.  Now all they make are Kinect games and that very mediocre Sea of Thieves.  Microsoft really needs to invest in better first party games.  None of their first party games will make most people flock to the stores and buy a console.  Yeah, Xbox One is getting Nier: Automata and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, but those games already made money and will likely not see a significant boom in sales.

The Xbox One simply doesn’t provide enough value to warrant a purchase.  Microsoft behaves more like a publisher than a platform holder.  They only seem to think the Xbox is an extension of Windows operating systems.  Xbox One exclusives are myth since those games can be played on a Windows 10 PC.  Gears of War is not enough of a system seller.  The lack of variety of games has been a problem since launch.  The console doesn’t have a God of War or Super Mario Odyssey that blows everyone away.  Microsoft did release the Xbox One X, a very powerful console.  Unfortunately, it didn’t solve any of the problems the original had.  The problem isn’t graphics, its games.  The One X has nothing that justifies spending $500 on an expensive paper weight.  You might as well just use your PC instead.  The only Xbox One X exclusive is dust collection.  Save your money, don’t invest in the Xbox brand.

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