Tank Controls Suck

I had just bought an obscure PS1 game called Fear Effect.  It was a blind buy so I had no idea what I was in store for.  The character designs looked nice in the opening intro.  It was using a cell shaded look.  The game looked good for something that came out in 2000.  I finally take control of the character and let out a sigh.  Tank controls.  Why would a game that came out in 2000 have tank controls.  The DualShock was out by then.  It made sense for Resident Evil since the original PS1 controller only had a d-pad.  Fear Effect had no reason to use such controls.  The controls constantly work against you, especially when precision is necessary.  One section of the game required me to cross an area that had electrical hazards that kill you in one hit.  I had to wait for the currents to stop temporarily and move across.  The slowly, clunky controls made it immensely difficult.  Moving out of the way of the electrical currents was an exercise in frustration.  Tank controls just do not work unless its a literal tank.  They are just a relic of a time when analog sticks didn’t exist.

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