Bottom 10 Worst Steam Games

Steam has become a dumpster fire of awfulness since Valve opened the floodgates of its storefront.  Once a pristine visage of PC gaming, has now been defaced beyond recognition.  Things have got significantly worse since the axing of Greenlight and the implementation of Direct.  Anyone can put up a game regardless of quality.  Steam’s open-door policy has attracted charlatans of the worst kind.  As you will see in this list, it isn’t just about how bad the games are, but the behaviors of the people responsible for these atrocities.  You’ll be surprised how proud these so-called developers are of their work.  Who could possibly have pride in such embarrassing games?  If you made a good game no one would be shitting on it.  Learn how to take criticism.  Almost all the games mentioned in this list has developers acting out towards any critic.  So, lets delve into the bottom of Steam’s barrel.  Be prepared for the horrors that await in the dark underbelly of Steam.

10. Drudes Sandstorm

Amazing AI Programming.gif

This game is one of many barely functional games found on Steam.  Valve has shown no interest in basic quality control and this is the result.  Drudes Sandstorm is obviously trying to get by on memes alone.  The actual game is total garbage.  Getting it to load properly is quite the task.  When the game finally loads you’ll wish it hadn’t.  The game looks like absolute shit.  It looks like it could have come out in 2000.  Aiming is an impossibility and hit boxes are non-existent.  There’s no feedback when you get shot.  I was hit by a rocket and nothing happened, yet when it missed it would somehow kill me.  Strafing causes the character model to freak out.  Not even the AI wants to be in this game.  One of them glided around until it fell off a cliff.  Don’t blame you buddy.

9. Art of Stealth

Art of Stealth.png

Art of Stealth is an attempt at a stealth game in which the stealth mechanic doesn’t work.  It has this weird aspect ratio that a game released in 2017 shouldn’t have.  It’s a total glitchy mess.  When you move the camera, it will make it seem like the entire house is moving.  The game itself is bad enough, but the developer behind this abomination has acted like a petulant child, something you will be seeing a lot of in this list.  They issued DMCA takedowns of critical videos of the game.  They also posted fake positive reviews and removed negative comments on Steam.

8. UnitZ


The next one on this list isn’t technically a game, but rather a Unity asset pack.  UnitZ is a Minecraft-esque Unity asset package centered around zombie/survival crafting mechanics.  “Developers” had been uploading tutorials as “original” games.  The exact same game was uploaded numerous times by different people.  This is known as the asset flip, where assets are purchased (or pirated) and hastily thrown together and called a game.  In the case of UnitZ, they didn’t even bother looking for individual assets.  How lazy can you get?  Greenlight and Direct have put the Unity engine through the wringer.

7. Day One: Garry’s Incident

Day One Garry's Incident.png

Day One: Garry’s Incident was an attempt to cash in on the survival game trend in 2013.  The game was a horrible broken mess.  This was a full release on Steam.  The developer actually expected people to pay money for this.  The AI was buggy as all hell.  Sometimes they noticed you and sometimes they didn’t.  The game ran at a horrendous framerate at all times.  Not only was it a bad game, but they attempted to shut down criticism of it.  The late TotalBiscuit had his video hit with a copyright strike by the developer, even though they provided him with a review copy.

6. Air Control

Air Control.png

Air Control was selling itself as a flight simulator but resembled nothing of the sort.  The game had multiple modes, none of which were good.  One mode was basically a Flappy Bird clone.  Another was poorly flying the plane, but not anything remotely like a flight simulator.  The game was cobbled together without much thought.  Everything about this game is garbage.  The game itself was bad enough but the developer behind it brought Air Control to a new level of shit.  Air Control’s Steam page was misleading about features in the game and even how it looked.  Once again negative comments were removed.  Copyrighted material was found within the game.  Killjoy (aptly named) did everything they could to delete this evidence.  All this behavior led to the game being removed from Steam.

5. Earth Year: 2066

Earth Year 2066.png

Here’s an Early Access game that was sold for $19.99 despite how little content was provided.  Earth Year: 2066 is an example of how Early Access can be abused.  Yet another barely functional game being sold at an unreasonable price.  I could find many better games for less money.  The camera shakes when moving and the gameplay is a glitchfest.  It won’t take long to be flung from the rather small map.  Once again, the “developer” behind the game couldn’t handle any criticism.  This was one of the first red flags of the dangers that lurked around the corner.  Earth Year: 2066 brought to light Steam’s severe lack of quality control since the implementation of Greenlight.  That was in 2014 and things have only gotten worse.

4. Gabe Newell Simulator

Gabe Newell Simulator.png

Any game with simulator in the title is almost guaranteed to be total shit.  Gabe Newell Simulator is no exception.  For some reason, Valve’s president is a popular unfunny meme for a certain subset of idiots.  The joke begins and ends with the title.  LOL isn’t Gaben so funny?  And of course, there’s a Half Life 3 joke, because that joke never gets old.  They could have at least made the game in the Source engine.  Gabe Newell Simulator is proof that Valve no longer cared about its reputation.  Gabe and Valve didn’t seem to have any problem with his likeness being used in this atrocity.

3. Hunt Down The Freeman

hunt down the freeman.png

Speaking of Valve no longer caring about its reputation, Hunt Down The Freeman is Half Life fanfiction turned into a game.  How could Valve let someone do this?  The Half Life series is one of the most beloved franchises in gaming.  Half Life 2 was a seminal game that reshaped the FPS genre, spawning numerous copycats.  Despite being released 14 years after Half Life 2, Hunt Down the Freeman looks worse.  The only thing recognizable is the interface and the Head Crabs.  This game is a piss stain on Half Life and Valve.  With Valve’s current state, they shouldn’t bother making games anymore.

2. Shadow: Treachery Cannot Be Tolerated

Shadow Worst Steam Game

I wrote about this travesty earlier this year.  Can this even be called a game.  To begin with, it was uploaded without an executable file.  Valve said they would make sure the games work before allowing them on the store. Yet, here we are with a game that literally isn’t playable.  It was later fixed but still embarrassing.  The game starts, and you will die right away.  You immediately come under fire with no time to react.  If you do clear that first section the game ends.  That’s it, its over, nothing more to do.  Was this this some kind of racket operation?  Shadow: Treachery Cannot be Tolerated is a microcosm of everything wrong with Steam in 2018.  Valve couldn’t even be bothered to do the bare minimum of quality control.  That’s why games like this make it onto the store.

1. Digital Homicide

digital homicide.png

Here’s another that isn’t a game, but rather a “developer.”  Digital Homicide is the standard for shady Steam indie developers.  They flooded Greenlight with so many awful asset flips like The Slaughtering Grounds and Temper Tantrum (Oh the irony).  They even had sequels to games that hadn’t even been voted on in Greenlight.  I don’t see how anyone could look at these games and think they belong on Steam.  Digital Homicide’s behavior towards criticism is among the most abhorrent ever seen.  Anyone who criticized their games was in danger.  The brothers behind this operation attempted to sue 100 anonymous Steam users and Valve responded by removing all their games. They had a very public spat with critic Jim Sterling, resulting in them bring a lawsuit against him.  Due to Digital Homicide not knowing how law works, both suits were dropped.  The Romine brothers destroyed their company just because they couldn’t handle any criticism.  They just couldn’t let it go.  Such bold idiocy would even make Donald Trump blush.  Many developers have taken similar actions to Digital Homicide but none quite as aggressive or stupid.

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