Mario Tennis Aces First Impressions

Mario sports games have not held my interest since the GameCube era.  Nintendo didn’t seem to put much effort in them anymore.  The previous Mario Tennis title was so bare bones it might as well have not been released.  It was probably rushed out to fill a hole in the Wii U’s sparse release schedule.  I hesitantly purchased Mario Tennis Aces, but 2018 Nintendo gave me hope.  Well, its certainly Mario TennisAces reminded me more of Mario Tennis and Power Tennis.  Games that I played and enjoyed back in the day.  Different from previous entries in the series, Aces has an adventure mode.  Think Yu-Gi-Oh! but everything revolves around playing tennis instead of card games.  The beginning of aventure mode is bogged down in tutorials.  I get it its tennis, you don’t have to explain all this shit.  Trick shots were a bit wonky.  I struggled to get a feel for it.  Overall, its another enjoyable Mario Tennis title with a few notable flaws in the controls.

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