Skyrim: The Ultimate Survivor

Skyrim is a fantastic game.  Many nights have been lost playing this game until the crack of dawn.  Sure, it has its problems (a very long list of problems), but an extremely enjoyable experience nonetheless.  But here’s the thing, the game came out in 2011.  That was seven years ago.  So much in the industry has changed during that time.  Yet here we are in 2018 and Skyrim has survived, like the video game equivalent of a cockroach.  Konami still made games.  The United States was still a respected country.  A new console generation began.  We saw Nintendo release two consoles since then.  No other game released in 2011 has maintained relevancy.  Bethesda has released and re-released The Elder Scrolls V at least five different times; the original, Legendary Edition, Special Edition, VR, and Switch.  Every console since the previous generation (minus the Wii and Wii U) has seen a release of Skyrim on it.  A Skyrim release is probably a good indicator of success.  It feels like it might as well have been released 1,000 times.

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All the Skyrims coming for your wallet

Every few years Bethesda seems to show off Skyrim at E3, whether that be a remaster or a VR mod.  I was half expecting yet another Skyrim release at E3.  Here’s something all you gamers have been waiting for.  Its Skyrim but you can now play it on a potato!  Glitches and bugs come absolutely free!  Luckily, Bethesda finally gave us an official announcement for The Elder Scrolls VI.

The constant releases of The Elder Scrolls V have revealed just how lazy Bethesda can be.  Despite having all these years to fix many of the bugs Skyrim has, Bethesda continues to sit on its hands.  They chose to ignore them and released Skyrim on Switch completely unaltered save for control changes.  Many potentially game breaking bugs were left in.  I doubt it would have taken much effort on their part to fix some of these glitches.  That can work on PC, since the modding community can fix these problems, but no such community is available for the Switch.  Bethesda makes many great games, but they are a lazy publisher.

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Skyrim has somehow maintained relevancy seven years after its release.  It shows that this game will have a lasting legacy.  The Elder Scrolls V was proof that single player experiences were still extremely profitable at a time when many publishers were claiming that single player was dead.  Some are still trying to tell us that, despite all the evidence to the contrary.  The game has seen so many re-releases yet people must still be buying them, or else Bethesda wouldn’t be trodding it out year after year.  Gamers will be very ready for when the sixth Elder Scrolls installment finally comes out, whenever that will be.  Maybe Skyrim will see a yet another release by then.

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