5 Unpopular Gaming Opinions

Opinions are a very controversial subject on the internet, especially when it comes to videogames. No matter how well articulated your argument, someone will get offended, screaming “bias” at anything they don’t agree with. But there are some opinions that rankle more feathers than others. This is a fun little exercise inspired by a recent Caddicarus video of the same topic. These are just my opinions and aren’t facts.  Some of these opinions may not necessarily be unpopular, just ones that may be divisive.  Anyway, let the fun begin.

2D Zelda Over 3D Zelda

link to the past

Alright, this may not be a controversial or unpopular opinion on the Zelda franchise, but a divisive one still. I still love Ocarina of Time don’t get me wrong. It’s one of the most influential games ever made. But it’s showing it’s age 20 years later, like many early 3D games. I find Link To The Past much easier to go back to. The puzzles feel more satisfying to figure out. Ocarina of Time often has simplistic puzzles, like looking around the room and shooting the eye with an arrow. It’s not all that engaging. Link To The Past built the template that Ocarina adapts into 3D. The top down 2D games are easier pick up and play as they throw you right into the action. In spite of my criticisms of Ocarina, I still love the game. I just feel its often above criticism. Egoraptor’s Sequelitis does a good job of explaining some of the issues Ocarina has, despite all the hate it got.

Too Many Open World Games

Fry Cry 5

Since the previous generation there has been a bevy of open world games. Linear became a dirty word. It doesn’t matter if the game is conducive to a sand box format, gamers want open worlds according to AAA publishers. Upon playing Burnout Paradise, I quickly became confused as to where the races were. An open world racing game sounds good in theory, but was a mess in practice. Guns N’ Roses’ “Paradise City” has been ruined forever by this game. Ubisoft went all in on open worlds, transforming all of their IPs into the same game. Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, and Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands are so homogenized that I’m hard pressed to tell them apart. Too many times open worlds are filled with busy work disguised as content. That’s not replay value. If a game is good it’s worth replaying, open or linear. Open worlds take years to craft. Elder Scrolls and GTA (main series) games are released years apart because of how difficult it is to create an immersive world worth exploring. It is not conducive to annual sequels. Look at the dumpster fire Dynasty Warriors 9 was. That has to be one of the laziest attempts at an open world game. Koei Tecmo cynically tried to get one over on us. AAA publishers give the excuse that its about player choice. The irony in this statement is by only making open world games, they are restricting choices on the market.

Early 3D Platformers Aren’t Fun Anymore

banjo kazooie

Nostalgia can be one hell of a drug. It can blind us to flaws that would be obvious to newcomers. 3D platformers from the mid and late 90s have aged horribly. Banjo-Kazooie is a boring collect-athon with mediocre controls. The charming dialogue and fantastic score from the brilliant Grant Kirkhope won our hearts. Spyro The Dragon falls into the same problems as Banjo-Kazooie. It’s just not much fun collecting an arbitrary number of items. Crash Bandicoot controls poorly and is an exercise in frustration. Mario 64 has awful camera controls but isn’t quite as janky as other games of the era. My biggest gripe with early 3D platformers is the emphasis on gathering collectibles. No real purpose for it other than just collecting it. The previously mentioned games were the best of their era. Imagine how the lesser games have aged.

I Don’t Care About Online Multiplayer


Here in 2018, many of the most popular games have online multiplayer as its main selling point. Whether it Overwatch or Fortnite, these games print money. Extroverted gamers love the sense of community and competition. AAA publishers see many opportunities for extra monetization. As an extreme introvert, these games do not hold my interest. I play games as a means to escape socializing. The idea of it is exhausting for me. AAA publishers completely ignore gamers like me. They have been feeding us the lie that single player is dead, despite numerous counters to the opposite. Give me an immersive RPG like Persona 5 or the Elder Scrolls any day over Fortnite.

Valve Shouldn’t Make Half Life 3

hunt down the freeman.png

At this point, I think Half Life 3 was never happening anyway. Valve’s current state makes me severely doubt HL3 would be good even it it is released. The people who worked on the old games probably aren’t there anymore. Valve has gotten fat from the piles of money Steam has made them. What motivation do they have to bother with game development? Doing absolutely nothing rakes in the money. Hunt Down The Freeman was the final straw for me. Valve had no issue allowing someone else to totally desecrate the legendary Half Life series. Valve no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt. With the current state of Valve, would you really want Half Life 3?

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