Parents Angry Over Fortnite, Seriously?

The news media, regardless of political alignment, loves to decry violent videogames as the bane of the Western World. Every time I watch these pathetic attempts at fear mongering, I am astounded by the blatant ignorance of the topic. This doesn’t just extend to local news outlets but even the likes of Good Morning America. All these stories seem to accomplish is demonstrating awful parenting. Why do parents like these always expect someone else to be responsible for their kids shitty behavior? Fortnite is making our kids not do their homework. Let’s report this to Channel 7 Action News instead of doing actual parenting.

Mainstream news media coverage of games is out of touch and laughably hypocritical. The news will constantly run stories condemning violence in videogames. Yet have no problem showing a guy opening fire at people in a bank or a fatal car crash. Not to mention all the war coverage. I’d say showing such things is more likely to desensitize us to violence than games would. With videogames, we know going in that it’s not real. Our minds can differentiate between fiction and reality. But when the news shows a bomb going off killing several people, that’s real, thus being disturbing. The 24 hour news cycle bombards us with so much shocking events, we will become acclimated to it and it becomes the new normal.

It’s just so frustrating that these “news” stations care only for reporting stories that fit their constructed narrative. They can’t be bothered to perform basic acts of journalism. I’m not sure why this is still a problem. Antiquated forms of media will scratch and claw until they die a pathetic death. Sometimes it’s hard to retain any faith in humanity when seeing things like this.

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