PUBG Developer Brings Lawsuit Over Copyright Infringement

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds took the gaming world by storm last summer. With popularity comes many imitators. This concept is not exclusive to videogames as it is seen in all forms of media. PUBG Corp is not so pleased about it and have decided to take legal action against supposed imitators, suing NetEase due to how similar Rules of Survival and PUBG are.

PUBG is not anywhere near the first battle royale style survival but ushered in its popularity. Similar to how Resident Evil is not the first survival horror game but popularized it. I don’t think they can claim similar game concepts are infringement of their intellectual property. One of the most ridiculous claims in the suit was the use of a frying pan as a weapon and references to obtaining poultry in victory. One, there are many games that use frying pans for weapons, and two, they didn’t coin that phrase.

The PUBG devs seem to be displaying a major case of sour grapes. Fortnite passed their game in popularity and aren’t happy about it. Instead of getting mad, give the players a better experience. The benefits of the patch era allows to give more content. Entire genres can’t be copyrighted. What if Doom developers sued Infinity Ward because Call of Duty is a first person shooter? It’s utterly ridiculous. I don’t think they have a legal leg to stand on.

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