A New Low For Steam Direct

Sometimes you see something you can’t believe is real.  Shadow: Treachery Cannot Be Tolerated is one of those things.  I had to take off my glasses and clean them to make sure I was seeing it properly.  Nope, its real.  To start with, the game was uploaded without an executable file.  Really Valve?  You’ve said that all games are to tested before released on Steam.  Clearly, this can’t be the case.  How do you allow the game to go up without the executable file?  Isn’t that step one before uploading it?  Just embarrassingly incompetent.

In a way, it would be better off not having the executable file, as the game is utter shit.  The game is intended to be a rail shooter in which you go nowhere.  Immediately the player is under fire and has no time to react.  That has to be the quickest game over I’ve ever seen.  Nothing works in this game.  Apparently, the first scene is all the game is.  A cutscene plays and the game ends.  Wow, just wow.  Shadow: Treachery Cannot Be Tolerated is a scam, plain and simple.

Alright Valve, its time for an intervention.  You have a problem and its time to do something about it.  Algorithms are a great tool but not your only method of quality control.  You want to put garbage games on your storefront, fine, but at least make sure the game has an executable file.  A brain damaged monkey could do that and you couldn’t be bothered to take one second to look.  All Valve has accomplished with Direct is attract even more scammers and incompetence.  Are you really okay associating your name with such awful excuses for games?  I used to respect Valve.  They made Half Life and Portal.  They helped bring PC gaming into the mainstream.  Now I associate your name with games like this.  All I ask is at least put effort into making your storefront less cluttered with shit and stock it with higher quality indie games.  Searching for good new indie games has become a near impossible task.   Its down to a guessing game at this point.

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  1. That’s embarrassing; allowing the game to go up without an executable file is kind of like a restaurant forgetting to cook your steak before serving it you. Even the worst steakhouses out there wouldn’t screw up that badly. I especially like how the Steam reviewers have less than half of an hour on record. I think what’s particularly tragic about Valve is that for the longest time, they were the Western equivalent of Nintendo, being arguably the only company that could match them in terms of talent and creativity. These days, it’s like they don’t care anymore.

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