Sexist Super Seducer Cancelled on PS4

Super Seducer, which was released on Steam earlier in the week, is no longer getting released on PS4. Sony offered no explanation but with one quick look at Super Seducer it will be obvious why. The “game” was produced by a guy who calls himself “The Pickup Artist.” This dude makes a living by teaching men how to psychologically manipulate women. An absolutely disgusting human being. Just looking at him you can tell he’s a douchebag. In this game, scenarios play out such as dates or approaching women on the street. Richard La Ruina, the creator and star of the game, comes across as creepy and predator. The women seem uncomfortable around him. Not to mention this guy issued fraudulent DMCA takedowns against small YouTubers who were critical of the game. A creep and a coward, what a combo. Naturally, most companies wouldn’t want anything to do with someone like La Ruina.

Ive read some comments saying this is censorship on Sony’s part. No, this isn’t censorship. Censorship would be if Sony edited content out of the game to get it released on their platform. Freedom of association allows Sony to not release a game for whatever reason. Sony is a private company and have every right to refuse a game they disagree with morally. Let’s call this game what it really is, a sexual harassment simulator. Here’s a tip for getting women to like you, be yourself and treat them with respect. It’s a foreign concept for man-children like La Ruina.


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