This Year’s Crunchyroll Anime Awards: Better But Still Needs Work

I know I’m a little late for this but I took last week off.  The Crunchyroll Anime Awards have come and gone and the salt is still real, but not quite as much salt as last year.   Like Yuri On Ice last time around, My Hero Academy took many of the awards.  7 of them in fact.  The biggest flaw in this system is the nomination process.  My Hero Academia was a nominee for too many of the categories.  This skewed the awards in its favor a little too much.  The Best Girl and Best Boy categories each had two characters from My Hero Academia.  The show is obviously very popular so of course its going to win most of these awards.  A remedy for this would be to limit how many categories a title can be nominated for.  I think this would allow for more shows to be showered with praise.  My Hero Academia is fantastic, but there were plenty of other anime worth praising from 2017.

my hero academia

For all of its flaws, I can still give Crunchyroll credit fro trying.  The anime community has grown so much in the 10 or so years I’ve been a part of it.  I remember the days when the anime fandom was much smaller and was relegated to only existing on forums.  Anime has become much more visible and has more of a presence on YouTube.  Crunchyoll did a good job of bringing many Youtubers and even an NFL player to present the awards.  Despite how cringey it ended up being.  If nothing else, it gets us talking and debating about anime.  I hope Crunchyroll can improve next year’s awards.  Let’s hope the discussion is more positive in 2019.  Keep watching anime everyone!


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