Metal Gear Survive is Out: Don’t Buy It

Why is this a Metal Gear game?  Its hard to believe this game is part of the same series as Metal Gear SolidMetal Gear Survive uses the same engine as Metal Gear Solid 5 but looks so awful.  Its so bland and forgettable.  Whether you love or hate Metal Gear, forgettable is hardly the first word to come to mind.  Where is the flair and the intrigue?  A quick glance at Survive and one would think its another run of the mill zombie survival game on Steam.  Good job Konami.  Good on you chasing a trend that was popular in 2012.  Kojima is probaly laughing his ass off while sipping Konami tears with Norman Reedus.  I’d love to hear Mr. Kojima’s response.  Is Death Stranding coming out soon?


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