EA Throws Pity Party For Star Wars Battlefront II Missing Sales Mark

Most of you are probably aware of the Star Wars Battlefront II shitstorm from several months ago.  You can read more in depth about that situation here.  Apparently, the loot box backlash caused Battlefront II to miss its sales target of 8 million copies.  Poor EA, they only sold a little over 7 million.  Oh, the humanity!  How will EA’s CEO afford another yacht?

You’ve got to be kidding me.  7 million in sales is considered a disappointment.  Not to mention it only missed the target by a couple hundred thousand.  Selling a few more copies would hardly have made a difference in profits.  EA also had record profits in 2017, even with having to remove the microtransactions and missing the sales mark.  What exactly are they whining about?  I guess making a ton of money isn’t enough, they need all the money in the world.

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