Metal Gear Survive Nonsense

Metal Gear Survive is due out later this year and Konami has found a way to screw it up. Those who’ve followed Konami over the past decade will not be surprised. Metal Gear Survive will be the first Kojima-less Metal Gear game. It looks to be another bland co-op zombie survival game with crafting. How utterly uninspiring.

It has come to light that the game will have microtransactions that will provide temporary stat boosts and increase the rate of earnings battle points. Not so shocking in this day and age. What really floors me is that the game will require a constant internet connection, even in single player . I thought we already established that always online DRM doesn’t work. It’s not 2013 anymore. If players can’t go online, then no game. If players can’t play, they can’t pay. In the words of the great Jim Sterling, “fuck Konami!”

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