Review Score Backlash

With every release of a major title come reviews of said games.  We read them to get an idea if the game is worth buying.  And of course, the fanboys and girls and others are sharpening their pitchforks and lighting the torches.  If a game gets less than a 10, you can bet your ass the fanboys will come to white knight for the game, especially if its a Nintendo game.  Back in March when Breath of the Wild was released, anyone who didn’t give it a perfect score was harassed by Zelda fans who didn’t want to see its Metacritic drop a single point.  Even going so far to Meta-bomb non-Nintendo games recently released.  I’m sure most of you remember when IGN reviewed Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire and gave it a 7.8, because too much water. It was turned into a meme.  Even developers have been incensed by scores that weren’t 10.  Do people realize that scores are 1-10, not 7-10.  A 7 is a good score, certainly no reason to harass reviews.

Why all the butthurt fanboys (and girls)?  Why should a review offend these people.  I believe that these people latch onto a game (also applies to shows/films) and becomes part of their very being.  Criticism of their favorite franchise is paramount to a personal attack.  The game is an extension of the self.  Their identities are tied to it.  No one is calling you a bad person for liking the game.  Its simply a difference in opinion.  Good on you for liking the game, but don’t be a dick about it.

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