EA and the AAA Disease

EA has been in the news lately, with the closing of Visceral Games (Dead Space) and the pay to win microtransactions in Stars Wars Battlefront 2.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks for EA.  A Former EA employee spoke to Waypoint, giving a glimpse into the inner workings at EA.  Surprise, surprise, they’re a bunch of greed, rotten bastards.  Confirming what we already know about the AAA giant.

Dead Space
Visceral’s crowning jewel

The former employee is Manveer Heir of Mass Effect fame (3 and Andromeda).  According to him, EA has meddled significantly in the development of games, forcing microtransactions down players’ throats.  All games need to be open world and have multiplayer, making it easier to monetize every aspect of the game.  AAA publishers will go to great lengths to squeeze every penny out of games.  It keeps getting worse as the years go on.  Microtransactions and loot boxes are being forcibly normalized in the industry.

Heir gave a glimpse into the difficult development cycle of Mass Effect: Andromeda.  The game that was released was completely different from what Bioware intended.  The project was rebooted and scrapped several times.  The final product was rushed through a two-year development, which explains why it came out in the broken state it did.  EA wanted Bioware to find ways to force in microtransactions.

Mass Effect Andromeda Weird Faces
Mass Effect: Andromeda: What’s wrong with everyone’s faces

This has been the trend since the end of the last generation.  Everything is being homogenized and monetized.  The AAA industry is doing everything they can to create a hostile, unhealthy relationship with gamers.  It’s not enough the game already costs $60.  They must add a season pass and in-game purchases, bringing the total cost well over $100 (sometimes hundreds).  Making a lot of money isn’t enough, they want all the money.  Who cares if the bubble bursts?  We’re making all this money.  EA and other AAA publishers don’t think about the consequences.

The bane of modern gaming

AAA publishers have arbitrarily decided that single player is dead.  All games must have multiplayer.  Despite evidence to the contrary.  Skyrim made a ludicrous amount of money for Bethesda.  There are many other examples of single player games selling millions.  Unfortunately, the likes of EA won’t see that.  They want single player games to die.  It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  AAA publishers have imagined fears and make decisions based on these irrational fears.  The AAA industry is filled to the brim with cowards.

What we have now is a market saturated with online multiplayer shooters and lifeless open worlds.  Such games will be nothing but ghosts in the future.  Once gamers move on from these game, nothing but empty worlds will exist.  Multiplayer games are worthless without anyone playing them.  Such games will have no lasting legacies.  They are nothing but soulless products.  When the hot new game comes out, gamers will abandon them in droves.  Then the money dries out and we repeat the cycle.

This nonsense needs to stop.  The AAA industry is a disgusting example of unchecked, unscrupulous capitalism.  Rampant greed without regard for consequence.  If this keeps up, we could see a crash in the market, like to one in 1983.  Publishers have given us the finger way too many times.  It’s time we stop putting up with it.  EA isn’t on an island with this.  The whole AAA industry has a poisonous mindset.  One of greed and outright disdain for consumers.  I for one, am done with all the bullshit.  I will not be buying any games that support microtransactions and other anti-consumer practices.  Enough is enough.

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