Activision’s Anti-Consumer Patent Goes Through

Activision had a patent approved that will make it easier to force gamers into paying for microtransactions.  Basically,  Activision wants to find a way match up inexperienced players with “marquee” players.  The idea behind it is to have these new players see the premium gear the other players have and steer them to in-game purchases.

Are you kidding me with this bullshit?  I already hate the concept of microtransactions (especially in $60 games).  But this takes the chicanery to a whole new level.  This is blatantly anti-consumer.  Never believe anything the AAA industry tells you.  Oh its only optional.  Oh its only cosmetic.  You don’t have to buy them.  Bullshit.  If they didn’t want anyone to buy them they wouldn’t be taunting you about the items you don’t have because you didn’t fork over the cash.  The AAA industry needs to crash and burn.  I’ve had enough of the lying and scheming.



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