Nintendo Faces Lawsuit Over Joy-Con

It has been reported by Engadget that Nintendo is facing a lawsuit over the Switch’s Joy-Con controller design from accessory manufacturer Gamevice.  Gamevice claims that Nintendo’s design is too similar to their Wikipad and violates patents the company has on its product.  The lawsuit calls for a ban on Switch sales.

Gamevice’s Wikipad

While I do see a resemblance between the Switch’s tablet controller and the Wikipad, I do not believe this lawsuit will gain traction.  Patent laws are not my expertise so I cannot say that with certainty.  The Switch is a hybrid console/portable system while the Wikipad does not hook up to the TV.  I find them to be rather different from each other.

There is no way that the Switch will be blocked form being sold.  Nintendo is a very powerful company with plenty of resources to combat this suit.  Its hard to see this gaining traction.  But as said earlier, I am no expert in this field.

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