Gundam Versus Open Beta Announcement

Bandai Namco will be releasing an open beta of Gundam Versus on PlayStation 4.  It will be available for all PS4 owners, even those without a PS Plus subscription, on September 2 until the 4th.  Bandai Namco has not specified what will be in the beta.  Mark the date if you love the Gundam series!  For more information on what will be in the final product, watch this video.

As a huge fan of the Gundam franchise, I am excited to get my hands on this game.  The Gundam VS series has only been exclusive to Japan and sells very well.  Unfortunately, Gundam doesn’t hold the same sway in the West.  Previously, the only way to play these games was importing from Japan.  Now I won’t need a translation guide to navigate the menus.  The game will get a release in the West on September 29, 2017.

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