Final Fantasy XIV Could Be Coming To The Switch and Xbox One

Kotaku sat down with Final Fantasy XIV Director, Naoki Yoshida, and asked him about the possibility of seeing ports of the popular MMORPG to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.  On the subject, Yoshida said that he is interested in bringing FFXIV  to those platforms.  Yoshida has been in talks with Xbox CEO Phil Spencer in doing just that.  There is a catch however, a port of FFXIV must allow for cross-platform play.

I do not think this will happen anytime soon.  The idea of cross-platform play is very intriguing and could be groundbreaking.  Getting all of these companies to agree will take considerable time.  If Final Fantasy XIV goes cross-platform, it will revolutionize how we look at video games.  We have to remember that the video game industry is in fact, an industry.  Corporations are often slow to embrace new ideas.  They are afraid of losing money.  I am hopeful about the potential of cross-platform play.  Maybe it will stop the fights over which console is better?  Who am I kidding, of course that wouldn’t happen.


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